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. . . everything you need to know about working your business VIRTUALLY!  

These are some ideas that I have come across that are either copied or I have been inspired by and added to or have created myself and thought they may be helpful helpful to help grow your Virtual Business.

Digital Party Tool Kit

Dig Skin Care Parties.png
Dig Skin Care Parties - How to 2.png
Dig Skin Care Parties - Booking 3.png
Dig Skin Care Parties - Get Started

MK Texting Party


Make a list of 10-20 customers, anyone who you think would love free product!


Download the HiHello App to create an invite to the Texting Party - it's FREE!  Or skip to Step 3 and use an image.  The HiHello App has all of your business information on it and looks professional.  Simple to set up!


You can use one of these images below or create your own as an invite.  Be sure to add your name, number, email and Mary Kay website on the HiHello App, plus any other information you would like them to see.  You can do 4 images and it is SIMPLE!

MK Text 50.2.png
Text Party free 2.png
Text Image 50 A.png
Text Party free 1.png
Smart Phone with Smiling Girl
Text Party Screen shot.png


Personalize the text and add the HiHello Invite link.

Sample Script: Good Morning CUSTOMER NAME, I hope you are staying safe and healthy. Everyone is having to make changes in how they are working and I am doing the same. (You as the consultant make the choice of one of the following or something else)  Would you like the chance to shop with me at 50% off/ earn FREE product.  I am looking for 5 MK Texting Party Hostesses, would you like more details? (include some fun emojis)


When she says yes, you send her one of the HOSTESS SPECIALS below or create your own. 

Text image 20 A.png
Text image 20 W.png

Sample Script to have hostess send to her friends.

TEXT 1: Hey, I am having a Text Party, would you like to join?


TEXT 1: Hey, I am having a Text Party using this Mary Kay Exclusive technology, it is a Skin Care Analyzer App that scans your skin and recommends what to use.  Would you like to like to join?

TEXT 2: Awesome! Here is my consultants Digital Card, click on it and you will see her website and a link to the app... go ahead and browse her site and check out the products. Let her know if you would like to order anything and she will make sure it is perfect for your skin type.

Step 6

Work FULL-CIRCLE, get the text invite list. You can then follow up with the guests, giving great customer service and sharing ideas with them.  Some examples are:

  • Skin Care Analyzer App - offer them a $10 gift card when they anaylze their skin and share the results with you, plus join your Facebook Group/ Page (give them your FB link)

  • Ask them what is one thing they would like to learn about aging, skin care or glamour

  • Share links to our how-to videos

  • Offer them the chance to hold their own MK Texting Party so they too can get free products

  • Share the business opportunity

Digital Business Card

Create a Digital Business Card that can be easily shared.  There are many apps out there, but I found this to be simple to set up and they see your card with your face within the text.

The HiHello App allows you to have 4 cards - FREE.  So you can set up a Business Card and use the other 3 as invites or something else helpful to the digital world.

HiHello app.png
Smart Phone with Smiling Girl
HiHello Sample Card.jpeg

Hi Customer, (you can send a personal message). 

Tap the link to view my entire card and save it.

Smart Phone with Smiling Girl
Business Card Sample.png

Shake Up Your Make Up

Shake up video.png
Shake up make up page 1.png

I am trying to equip you with the easiest and most effective ideas to work your business.
Shake Up Your Makeup Bag Sessions - VIRTUALLY

Always add something personal to a script - emojis are always good! !!

Hey ______! How are you?! I am SUPER EXCITED ABOUT SOMETHING😂! My MK Unit is launching a brand new 20 minute session NATIONWIDE!!! Can I dig in your makeup bag?! (I know it is a big favor😂) Essentially we’re doing a type of marketing research survey about brands & products women use & why! I thought you would be the perfect person to help! It’s 100% virtual!!! So fun!!! Are you up for it?! You get fun discounts at your session too!

Fb post for wall:
When was the last time you REALLY got into your makeup bag to see what you have & why?! I'm looking for 30 makeup bags to dig into for a type of market research survey we’re doing!! No facial just 20 minutes of learning more about what you use & why! It can be you… a friend… anyone!!! Cannot wait to learn more and have 20 minutes with 30 women! The best part is you can live anywhere- because the event is virtual! Yay!!!!

Virtual Party Process

$10,000 Virtual Party

FB Video.png

Must have Dropbox to watch

Facebook Party Memes

Funny Pic.png
Messiest Make up.png
Random Fact.png
Lets play.png
Describe self.png
Favorite MK prod.png

Facebook Party Games

Let's play 5.png
FACIAL in a bag2.png

If you have samples available of ANYTHING, skin care, peels, single packaged items, this would work.  Keep your customers having fun and trying new things.

CLICK HERE for great ideas and scripts.

How to Use Zoom - Free Video Conferencing & Virtual Meetings

Pirate Ship.png

This information is coming from directors who have done their research!

Save MONEY shipping products to your customers and keeps in the guidelines of practicing social distancing. 

SHIPPING OUR Mary Kay CUSTOMER PACKAGES... You can SCHEDULE IT TO BE PICKED UP or drop it off at the post office.

1. Use for the cheapest rates & the easiest “label” making, it can just be printed on regular white paper. There is NO FEE to use the service just the cost to ship.

TIP A:  on your shipping info each time, enter the envelope size BEFORE you put products inside.  So if it's a 10x16 size envelope, put in 10 x 16. 

TIP B:  on your shipping info each time, round up to the 1/4 ounce... example:  1 lb and 5.2 ounces would be 1 lb 5.25 ounces... (round up to the quarter ounce.... 5.0 ounces, 5.25 ounces, 5.5 ounces, 5.75 ounces, or 6.0 ounces)

2. Tape the shipping info to the package with clear shipping tape.

NOTE: you do need a scale. You can use a food scale if you have one or buy a scale for $20 from Amazon.

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